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New England Women’s Herbal Conference
~ Teachers 2016 ~

We feel unbelievably blessed to have the following women teach and inspire us at the 2016 New England Women’s Herbal Conference.  Each of these beautiful beings is a powerful spokeswoman for herbs, healing and women spirit. They represent a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds and bring their teachings to share with others with openhearted generosity.  Sisters, mothers, grandmothers and granddaughters, young women and older, we come together in woman spirit to learn, share, network, be filled, fill others, dance and sing, inspire and be inspired so that we can each continue to do our work in our homes and community. There are places, sacred circles, where one goes to fill their inner being and the Women’s Herbal Conferences is one of those special places…

We welcome the following teachers to the 2016 WHC ~

(This has not been updated for 2017 ~ check back after Feb. 20 for updates)

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