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Sunday, August 28th Schedule

“As with any good teacher, plants rarely teach us what we think we want to learn, instructing us instead, in the things we really need to know”

~  Kiva Rose

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  • Loving Kindness Yoga and Meditation with Nancy Phillips.   For Ourselves, the People at the WHC, Our World, and Mother Earth… In this mixed level yoga practice we’ll connect with the Divine within and in all as we offer blessings of loving kindness to ourselves and all beings including Gaia.  Bring yoga mat and/or blanket to lie on.
  • Yoga For Every-Body! with Susi Wahlrab. Come Breath, Move, Play and Relax with this deep inner body connection of Body, Mind and Spirit. Especially designed for all levels of experience calling on the very advanced pose of consciously caring for yourself. Great way to start each day of this juicy inspiring gathering!  Susi has been a certified yoga instructor for over 25 years. Bring a yoga mat/blanket or towel to lie on.
  • Authentic Movement with Plant Spirit Allies w/Marybeth Wolf. What is waiting to be felt, heard, seen, revealed to yourself?  Join me in this simple yet profound practice that provides a container for each woman’s journey toward embodied expression, healing, and transformation. If you have a known plant spirit alley, bring the plant in any form: tincture, picture, fresh, dried, oil, or simply in your heart.   
  • Finding Your Spirit Animal with Janet Blevins. We will journey to the lower world in ceremony to find your spirit animal/helper. Please bring an eye covering and rattle if you have one.
  • HW. A Medicine Chest in Those Forgotten Fields, Hedgerows and Woodland Pathways w/Amy Wilson.  Start your day with an invigorating walk.  We’ll be walking up the road and back into the woods to meet some of the herbs that await our discovery.  The walk will focus on identification and basic uses.  Learn some of the most prevalent herbs found in New England’s waysides and uncultivated lands. Everyone welcome, but especially good for beginners.


7:30 – 9 BREAKFAST

 Most people think too much.  Get them to laugh and half their troubles and sickness will go away and the blessed herbs will do the rest ~

Miss Hortense Robinson (Belizean elder midwife and herbalist)

9- 12:30  INTENSIVES

  1. Kitchen Cosmetics & Herbal Skin Care with Dina Falconi. A feast for body and soul! Using all natural ingredients, Dina will share her favorite master recipes for creating handcrafted personal care products. Learn how to custom blend non-toxic formulas perfectly suited to your needs. This is a hands-on, in depth presentation where you will be guided step-by-step in practical ways to make healthycreams, salves, balms, herbal oils, face cleansers and more. During this intensive Dina wishes to answer your questions while presenting the art and science of making home-crafted body-care products. Dina has been creating natural cosmetics and skin care products for decades and is the author of the popular book, Earthly Bodies, Heavenly Hair. Recipes and samples shared.
  1. Alchemical Healing with Nicki Scully. Modern alchemy is emerging as one of the most powerful tools for transforming our reality, and Alchemical Healing, the comprehensive healing form developed by Nicki Scully, is an essential vehicle for those who would heal themselves, and others. It offers unique ways to weave spirit and matter, to transmit life force energy, and to skillfully influence physical reality with the help of plant spirit medicines, animal totem allies, and other spiritual elements. By participating in demonstrations and practice you will learn diverse and innovative techniques for physical healing and therapeutic counseling, and expand your capacity to translate clear intention into effective healing action. All who desire self-healing and increased ability to heal others will find this a powerful and transformative experience. Nicki will share methods for working with cancer patients, chronic pain, injuries, and more, and will gift each student with her classic meditation CD, Healing Journey with Kuan Yin



  • Reconnecting with the Power of Plants ~ Building Our Own Landscapes to Help Restore the Planet with Rocio Alarcon. We will build our own ‘sacred healing landscapes’ using seeds, stones, branches, and other natural elements and then learn how to use these ‘Sacred Landscapes’ for health and healing purposes. The main elements in creating the landscapes are seeds because they are powerful, and hold the potential for future life, including the life of plants. This practice is a powerful healing tool and allows people to move through many of their traumas, reconnecting our bodies with nature through the power of the seeds and ceremony. Participants should bring little stones, dry seeds, branches, candles and a piece of cloth or paper (1 meter X 1 meter) (we will have some of these items there for people unable to bring their own).
  • Herbal Gardening and Medicinal Plant Conservation with Michele Palazzo. Enhance your knowledge of common and less familiar garden herbs and how to use them medicinally in home remedies. Introduce medicinal plant conservation into your garden by growing some plants that are threatened in the wild by overharvesting and habitat loss. Begin/Intermed.
  • Botanical Strategies for ADHD with Dr. Mary Bove. ADHD is the most common psychiatric disorder among children today. This lecture will look at botanical approaches to the treatment and management of ADHD. Botanical therapeutics including traditional strategies, review of current botanical data, and functional application in a therapeutic plan will be discussed
  • Herbs for Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons: New Research with Holly Bellebuono. Learn the newest research into treatment options for neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, MS, depression, and more. This is a primer in how neurons work and how herbal pharmacology and foods can affect neurotransmitters, nerve and muscle function. Leave with creative ideas to support your loved ones and clients. Intermed
  • Letting Go of Grief with Beth Ebbing Johnson.  Grief can look many different ways and is an individual processing for everyone. We will cover many different ways you might wish to start your healing journey including vibrational energies of flower & gem essences, the energy of the heart healing and some of the “go to” essential oils to help release grief.  Beth is currently studying to become a Death Doula and will be sharing what she is learning in the process.
  • Osteoporosis and Osteopenia with Kate Gilday. In our mother’s image, we can develop the same conditions she had, including Osteoporosis.  But, with knowledge of herbs one can easily grow or wildcraft, nutrient dense foods, lifestyle and exercise choices, we can prevent and even reverse bone-loss, as well as avoid using bio-phosphate drugs that carry unwanted side effects. The majority of women are able to maintain and improve the strength and flexibility of their bones with the approach we will review, safeguarding their bones throughout their life.
  • The Wisdom and Power of the Pelvic Bowl with Sophia Wise One. Learn how to practice self-healing vaginal massage on yourself and create a deep conversation with the root of your body’s wisdom, the pelvic floor. Intravaginal massage can provide support for many issues and symptoms, including healing from sexual trauma, incontinence/prolapse, pain during sex, menopausal struggles, PMS, emotional abuse recovery, self hate/self love, and owning of power and pleasure.  Engage the power of your creative center! Bring a blanket or pad to lay on. 
  • Liver Health: The Most Important Women’s Health Organ? with Kathi Keville. Why treating the liver is often the answer to women’s conditions, such as menstrual irregularity, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, PMS, etc. ~ especially when phytoestrogens aren’t helping. When and how to address the liver holistically and remedies to keep hormones in balance. We’ll look at exactly how various liver and phytoestrogen herbs affect our physiology.
  • Ayurvedic Treatment of Children with Anne McIntyre The wisdom of Ayurveda has much to offer parents who want nothing more than to give their children the best start to a healthy life. Anne has three children of her own and has been treating children for over thirty five years in clinical practice combining her use of Western herbs and diet with her knowledge and experience of Ayurveda.   Anne will be sharing her extensive experience in the treatment of common childhood ailments and administering herbs to babies and children.  Begin/Intermed.
  • Weed Women, All Night Vigils And The Secret Life Of Plants: A History Of Plant Medicines For Reproductive Health with Claudia Ford. What is ethnogynecology? What stories do medicinal plants tell us about the lives of women through history? This workshop explores the intersection of plants stories and women’s stories for the purpose of understanding and cherishing our relationship to reproductive health plant medicines. We will review and discuss the fascinating stories of four plants that continue to have specific importance for women’s reproductive health: Blue Cohosh (Caulophyllum thalictroides), Ergot (Claviceps purpurea), Catnip (Nepeta cataria), and Cotton (Gossypium sp.).
  • Fibers from a Wild Landscape with Sarah Corrigan. Learn how to twist up natural wild fibers into beautiful and functional rope. We will work with a variety of fibers and delve into the ethnobotanical relationship of fiber plants and the their importance in people’s lives.
  • HW Into the Forest: A Listening with Wendy Fogg. Barefoot and silent we enter the magical domain of the woodland, becoming quieter and quieter with each step; feeling the energy of Mother Earth and the forest floor; “listening” for the call of the plants, “hearing” their stories speak to our hearts.  Bring a small notebook and pen.  At the end, we’ll sit in circle – a time for (optional) sharing.


“Give nature just half a chance & she has a miracle in store for everyone’ ~

Dr. Rosita Arvigo

8:30 – 10:30  Circle within A Circle ~ Special Workshop for Young Women

Purification Lodge for Circle within a Circle
with Sara Caldwell

Join other young women in this powerful earth ceremony.  The purification lodge helps balance one’s physical, emotional and, most importantly, spiritual aspects through our connection with Mother Earth.  We are honored to have Sara lead us in the lodge today.


10:30 – 11 TEA BREAK  ~

“Women are like plants. We turn light into matter. Plants do photosynthesis; we do embryogenesis. How do we do this magic? No one knows. Women take the light in their lovers eyes and in Ten moons give light in the form of a baby”

~ Jeannine Parvati Baker

11 – 12:30 WORKSHOPS

  • A Ceremony for Our Hearts with ALisa Starkweather. What strengthens us? Plant medicine, ceremony, and being in the company of strong loving women who deeply care. We need one another now more than ever because together we collectively remember that wherever our hearts are breaking with divisiveness in our world, we are also standing powerfully in action and deed for our unity thus growing sisterhood among us. Join us in a simple ceremony where we learn what it means to be brave, to open ourselves to new stories, to hold one another and to be held. Please bring a blanket or mat if you have one.
  • Herbs For Calming the Mind and Strengthening the Heart with Deb Soule. Herbs and flowers help to calm the mind, strengthen the heart and build an inner capacity for presence, resilience and love instead of reactivity and fear. As the mind and heart become attuned to a greater feeling of wholeness and connectedness, we are able to be present and responsive to the needs of our communities. We will begin class with a short mindfulness meditation and then discuss in depth the therapeutic benefits of hawthorn, schisandra, gotu kola, lemon balm and Sacred basil along with a few of Deb’s favorite flower essences.    Intermed
  • Food as Medicine with Penny Livingston.  We can nurture our bodies in a powerful ways simply by choosing potent nutritious foods and preparing them appropriately. In this workshop Penny will share recipes and lists of super foods and what they do.  She will highlight plants that are particularly nutritious and easy to grow in various climates. This is a participatory workshop so please bring your favorite all-star recipes focusing on deep nutrition. We will prepare and share some Golden Milk together. Please bring a small cup.
  • It Takes a Village to Heal the Sick with Aku Dunya Richter. If there is a medicine for every illness, why aren’t the sick always getting better? Is healing just a matter of choosing the right herbs? Or is there more? Raised in a small village in Africa where every child is treated as one’s own, and where food and medicine is grown, gathered and processed by people know and love you, I come from a place of deep connections. Connections to the land, to the plants and animals, and to people. I believe our circle of connections is crucially important in all aspects of life, and it is those connections that create a healthy village no matter where we live. Begin/Intermed.
  • Aroma Chemistry with Lesley Wooler. Confused about the chemical constituents in essential oils? This class will begin to explore the basic information covering a variety of chemical constituents, such as alcohols, aldehydes, esters, ketones, terpenes, etc, and how they perform. You will learn which oils fall into which category and the safety surrounding them. You will leave with a basic understanding of the true nature of these aromatic gifts. You will also learn how to recognize certain constituents by their smell.  Handouts will be provided.
  • The Role of the Medicine Woman in Birth & Death with Lupo Passero. Traditionally and throughout history it was the medicine woman’s job to understand the cycles of life and the mystery of death. Supporting their community through the transition of both birth and death was an important part of the medicine woman’s (herbalists) work. Lupo will share her experience as an herbalist and modern day medicine woman, working with both the duality of birth and the death cycle and demonstrate how to be of service to your community, family and friends during the miraculous time when the veil is thinnest. Intermed
  • Matriz Fertil (fertile womb) with Panquetzani Ticitl. Learn how your womb health and positioning affect fertility in every aspect of your life. Learn what herb your womb is calling for using menstrual blood, lifestyle patterns, and moontime discomforts as your guide.  Learn how to combat symptoms of frialdad, susto, and aire with Mexican Traditional Medicine herbs. Intermed/Adv.
  • Herbs, Foods & Life-ways for Elder Vitality with Claudia Joy Keel. Stories of elders living long, active and vital lives in traditional cultures abound, yet today, elders are largely over medicated, immobile and isolated. Traditional remedies (supported by modern research) go far in restoring our elders wellbeing, We will discuss energetics, specific indications and ways herbs, foods, and essences can be used for common challenges of the aging body, including brain function, digestion, heart health, sleep and emotional wellbeing.  We will also consider the natural dying process and the support herbs and essences can offer those who are on the threshold as well as caregivers.
  • Empower Your Inner Warrior: Self Defense 101 with Erin Wolf. Learn basic techniques for hand-to-hand offense and defense. We will go over how to increase situational awareness, develop fight/flight reaction, and reverse the victim role. Open to everyone; go at your own pace in a safe non-judgmental setting. Wear clothes that are easy to move in, and bring a water bottle.  
  • Dreaming with Mugwort with Sandy Corcoran. Indigenous cultures regard dreams with great respect. To be conscious of our dreams, gives us access to the pool of wisdom that lies beyond time and space. In pagan, green nation, and indigenous communities, specific plants, meditations, and/or rituals were used to help enhance one’s dreamtime. In this workshop we will be using Mugwort, Artemisia Vulgaris and Native Wisdom Wheels to assist you to decode your dreamscape. Please bring a notebook, pen, one dream, (old or recent), and your sense of humor to this class.
  • Chakra Breath Meditation Healing Ritual with Dr. Crystal Dawn. In the midst of the trees we will combine guided imagery and the accelerated breath with the backdrop of provocative music. We will equilibrate all 7 of our Chakras to their highest vibration as we exhale that which does not serve our highest good and inhale those qualities that enhance our wholeness. Bring a yoga mat/towel to lie on and a shawl/ blanket to cover yourself.)
  • HW Medicinal and Edible Plants of New England, a Plant Walk w/Betzy Bancroft. A new place invites a botanical adventure! We’ll meet the herbal residents of Camp Wicosuta, and discuss their edible and medicinal uses. Some simple botany to help you identify them again will be included.

11 ~ 12:30 Circle within A Circle, Special Workshop for Young Women

We are Here, We are the Ones ~ an Empowerment Ceremony
facilitated by Jade & Marybeth Wolf

We will guide the creation of a collaborative Dance piece that represents YOU, and what is present for you in your lives right now – the joys, struggles, passions, longings, power.  Together we will create this powerful dance ceremony to honor the earth, one another, and this special moment of time in our lives.  If you have flowing scarves or colorful clothing, you’re invited to wear them.    (Athena; BH #22)


12:30 – 1:30 LUNCH

I am excited to see M.D.’s becoming comfortable with herbs, but what really thrills me is seeing three year olds putting plants on boo-boos.  That is the revolution’

~  Susun Weed (Village Herbalist)


More than just a closing circle, this is a celebration of spirit. Join in~ Take it to Heart! Take it home with you and rejoice! Spread the joy to your family, circle of friends, and community… 

Swimming and Kayaking Schedule

Please note: *Pool and Swimming at the Beach ONLY when Life Guard is on duty (please note; may be male life guard. smile & be friendly).    The path to the beach is an 8-10 minute walk down a little woodland path. Path starts at tunnel that goes under the road near Main House (see map)

* Children must be accompanied by a designated adult at all times while at the pool and/beach area.

3-6 p.m. Pool and Beach open for swimming and boating

Pool Open
3 -6 Beach open for swimming and boating

Pool Open
10-12 Beach Open for swimming and boating

Special Thanks to our Wonderful Sponsors of the WHC ~
Herb Pharm, Mountain Rose Herbs,
Frontier Herb Cooperative & Storey Book Publishing

…. And to Justin Dockswell, Carly Meltzer and the Camp Wicosuta family for welcoming us so warmly. For Traditional Medicinal Tea Co., Organic India, Runa Tea,  & Jean’s Greens for providing delicious herbal tea’s. To Helen Ward and her wonderful workstudy crew, to Kenzie McDonald and Helen Leavitt and their crew of delightful helpers for providing excellent childcare during the week-end for our beautiful little ones; to Katy Chabot & Eleanor Kuntz for facilitating Circle within a Circle; to  Chef Amath Ngom of Camp Wicosuta and his crew of amazing helpers for providing wholesome nourishing food; to Marie Frohlich our fantastic Teachers Hostess; Laura Brill, Katie Pickens, Donna Winston, Marie Frohlich, Helen Ward, Melanie Carpenter, Andrea Reisen, Katy Chabot, Helen Leavitt and Kenzie McDonald, Eleanor Kuntz, Jennifer Temenski, Linda Patterson, Evalyn Williams, and Emily Ruff for being part of the core team of helpers and for endless hours of patience and devotion; to Holly & Karen for all their help with registration; to Penny Clare & Janet Blevins, our dedicated Henna Queens; to Margi Flint & Sarah Matuza for bringing sacred mask making to the WHC; to Dr. Jody Noe for being ‘camp doc’ all these years; ALisa Starkweather & Mz Imani  for their brilliant help and support in holding the circle and for ALisa for creating the Red Temple at the WHC and around the world; to Mary Beth Wolf,  and the Red Temple Sisterhood of Yellow Springs, Ohio for being guardians of the Red Temple; to Trishuwa & Sara Caldwell for holding sacred space and pouring the water in the lodges; to Kelly Hoffman for being our Camp Photographer; to Holly Sierra for the gorgeous artwork that adorns our T Shirts; To Mary Blue for over seeing the Fire Cider Tasting booth; Desire’ Cohen, our awesome Cordial Queen;  for Emily Ruff & Mary Blue for  Celebrating Diversity; to Jason Colvard and Heather Bruntil for creating our beautiful WHC website;  For Christine Toomasi, Debi Chalko and Bonnie Kavanagh for the CEU program for nurses and doctors; to our incredible elders who we stand in awe before; To everyone we may have forgotten to thank, but will remember soon! and most especially, to Each of You for coming and sharing your hearts.

~ And to the plants who show us the way ~

Special Thanks to our Amazing & Gifted Teachers for Sharing
The Wisdom of their Souls
And to the power and passion of the plants
That call us home to ourselves
We are forever grateful

Good people, Most royal green Verdancy,
Rooted in the Sun
You shine with radiant light

~ Hildegard of Bingen


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