Intensive Workshops

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Intensive Workshops

Intensive Workshops

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The Intensives offer participants an opportunity to experience specific topics in greater depth and also provide the opportunity to study more closely with individual teachers.  Intensive Workshops are approximately 3 ½ – 4 hours in length.   The cost for each intensive is $35 and includes material fees. Register early as the Intensives are limited in space and fill up quickly.   You can call, mail and/or email your Intensive Choices and pay either by check, credit card or PayPal (on line).  Office phone and email: 802-479-9825;

We are excited to be offering Pre-Conference Intensives again for those arriving early.  This allows women to attend these popular intensives without having to miss out on other classes.  Please make sure to arrive in time for early check-in on Thursday evening or to arrive by 8 a.m. on Friday, as you must register first before class.

PRE-CONFERENCE INTENSIVES:  Friday 8:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.  

  1. Spiritual Bathing, Massage and Healing Ceremonies of Ecuador with Rocio Alarcon (Ecuador). In this special intensive, Rocio will guide women through the experience of ‘spiritual bathing & massage’ using herbs, water, flower, and oils. These herbal baths are used to cleanse the spirit of negative energy and are also used for specific ailments. The properties of the plants and other ingredients can clean our negativities and make us feel more attractive and alive, ready to face the future with enthusiasm and positivism. Ancient healing ceremonies of the Andes will also be shared. Rocio is a gifted healer and is renowned throughout Ecuador & England for her healing gifts. Class will be hands-on/experiential.  Students should bring a towel, flowers and herbs, and quart of water (though we’ll have extra plants  for those who need them).  
  2. Ayurvedic Guide to Healthy Relationships with Anne McIntyre. All life is relationship. Relationship to ourselves and the world around us…family, friends, the wider community, our environment and the planet as a whole. How can we be in harmonious relationship with ourselves and the world around us? Ayurveda has much to teach us about all things related to the heart and mind and relationships are definitely within that realm. The constitutional approach that Ayurveda embraces enables us to be more aware of our mental and emotional tendencies and to understand ourselves and our relationships better.  In this intensive, Anne will share how Ayurveda can help us understand our different natures and temperaments and provides us with a sophisticated range of treatments to bring these into balance and harmony. With knowledge and understanding of the three gunasand the three doshas, how they affect us and those with whom we interact mentally and emotionally, we can choose the right lifestyle, diet and herbal remedies for each person. This can be enormously helpful and take much of the mystery, pain and frustration out of relationships. Begin/Intermed.
  3. Wandering the Transition Zones: A Visit with Cannabis & How it Works with Tammi Sweet. As herbalists we all know when giving a weed walk in a new place, the richest areas are the transitions zones, the edges. In this light, we will examine a much maligned, misunderstood and misrepresented plant we have pushed to the margins, Cannabis. It is time for herbalists to reclaim the proper uses of this medicine in our material medica. Time for us to help educate people about how, when, and why cannabis works (and that it’s not a cure for everything!). We will discuss time tested uses of this plant showing positive results and finally we will discuss “right relationship” with this master plant and brainstorm ways to assist clients in creating ways to honor this sacred and healing plant. We will also discuss the not well-known or publicized internal Endogenous Cannabinoid System. Understanding our own internal system and how it works can help us understand how and why cannabis works.  Intermed.
  4. Earth Prayer with Susi Wahlrab. In a world that for many of us has presented many challenging events, the Women’s Herbal Conference is a haven of support for us to step up as our very best selves to move life forward in a way that is inclusive, sustainable and healing. This experience will call on the indigenous roots of yoga, which was created by awareness of our interconnection with nature. We will use the elements to create clear vision, courage, compassion and wisdom. Breath, Movement, Play, Meditation and Deep Relaxation to inspire, clear, heal and ground our Atman – souls purpose and intention. The Perfect way to start off this wonderful weekend!!!! Some Yoga experience is good, however the class is open for everyone. Please bring a yoga mat and a blanket. 

Friday 2:30 – 6 Intensives

  1. (Wo)Manifest Your Business: A Brainstorming Session for Entrepreneurs with Holly Bellebuono. This is off-the-grid business crafting at its best! In this Intensive, you will create a business goal, brainstorm its fullest potential, and be inspired and fully prepared to (wo)manifest it for real. In this safe and creative session we will nurture your best ideas and help you see them to fruition. Holly guides you through part-written, part-verbal exercises to help you achieve one or more of your business goals, whether you are an herbalist/apothecary owner, artist, farmer, or other entrepreneur working for yourself. Learn to structure the development of your passionate business dreams so they become reality. Come prepared with a business idea (existing or new) and an open mind. Holly is a two-time recipient of the Small Business Owner of the Year Award and has lead empowerment seminars for entrepreneurs and facilitates seminars for conferences, universities and corporations throughout the country.  Both a successful businesswoman and herbalist, Holly is also a gifted teacher and enthusiastically shares what’s she’s learned on her path of success.  

Saturday 9-1 Intensives

  1. Women’s Herbs, Women’s Health with Kathi Keville. This intensive will delve deeply into the cycles of a woman’s life and address the commonality of women’s transitions and conditions. We’ll focus on core ways to stay healthy and happy from puberty through post menopause and address treatments for a variety of issues including menstrual irregularity, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, PMS, and more. Learn to decipher hormonal imbalances and how to choose the most appropriate herbs and herbal protocols for each situation.  Class will include an in-depth look at important herbs for women’s health, aromatherapy, flower essences, and chi gung.  Kathi is the co-author of the popular book, Women’ Herbs, Women’s HealthIntermed.
  2. Woman Power ~ Opening the Ground for Transformation with ALisa Starkweather Beginnings hold the magic before us of what is possible when our clearest intentions are voiced. We know in our bones it is time for the new story stirring in our collective sisterhood roots. Now let’s live it. Together en masse we challenge the remnants of lingering unworthiness, sweep away old fears and embolden ourselves to be truer than ever with support of wise women who are gathering from afar. We focus with a single purpose; to lift ourselves up from all remaining doubt and show up in our full power. No more waiting for tomorrow.

Saturday 2 – 6 Intensives

  1. 1. A Functional Approach to Endocrine System Health and Herbal Therapies with Dr. Mary Bove. Cultivating a healthy vital endocrine system requires an optimally functioning digestive, nervous and immune system. Many aspects of modern day life directly affect endocrine gland health and function including pollution, environmental toxins, stress, electromagnetic waves and nutritional factors. This Intensive looks at endocrine health through a functional model, looking at it’s interconnection with the nervous and immune systems, linking that to the health and wellness of and botanical strategies for endocrine health and function. Using a functional model to review endocrine system physiology, case histories, clinical presentations, and therapeutics. Review of botanical Adaptogens, which modulate the body’s response to all forms of stress helping to regulate the interconnected endocrine, immune, and nervous systems, will be highlighted along with specific endocrine gland botanicals. Discussion will include the concept of the adaptogen mechanism, the links between neuro-endocrine-immune systems and specific adaptogen plants, including relative clinical studies, and therapeutic application. (Advanced)
  2. Two Hearts As One Wheat Weavingwith Roberta Horsman. What is ‘wheat weaving’? Where and why did it originate? In this hands-on Intensive Roberta will share the fascinating history of wheat weaving and teach you everything you need to know to weave your own beautiful designs with wheat. Each participant will have the opportunity to create a ‘Two Hearts as One’ design. This traditional English wheat weaving combines two woven hearts that are intertwined to create a new design. This may represent two people coming together to create a new life, a new business, love, friendship, etc. Or as one little girl said turning the weaving sideways, “It looks like a butterfly”. No experience necessary.  All materials included.

Sunday 9- 1 Intensive

  1. Kitchen Cosmetics & Herbal Skin Care with Dina Falconi. A feast for body and soul! Using all natural ingredients, Dina will share her favorite master recipes for creating handcrafted personal care products. Learn how to custom blend non-toxic formulas perfectly suited to your needs. This is a hands-on, in depth presentation where you will be guided step-by-step in practical ways to make healthycreams, salves, balms, herbal oils, face cleansers and more. During this intensive Dina wishes to answer your questions while presenting the art and science of making home-crafted body-care products. Dina has been creating natural cosmetics and skin care products for decades and is the author of the popular book, Earthly Bodies, Heavenly Hair. Recipes and samples shared.
  2. Alchemical Healing with Nicki Scully. Modern alchemy is emerging as one of the most powerful tools for transforming our reality, and Alchemical Healing, the comprehensive healing form developed by Nicki Scully, is an essential vehicle for those who would heal themselves, and others. It offers unique ways to weave spirit and matter, to transmit life force energy, and to skillfully influence physical reality with the help of plant spirit medicines, animal totem allies, and other spiritual elements. By participating in demonstrations and practice you will learn diverse and innovative techniques for physical healing and therapeutic counseling, and expand your capacity to translate clear intention into effective healing action. All who desire self-healing and increased ability to heal others will find this a powerful and transformative experience. Nicki will share methods for working with cancer patients, chronic pain, injuries, and more, and will gift each student with her classic meditation CD, Healing Journey with Kuan Yin

Friday 4:30 – 8 p.m.  and Saturday from 8 a.m.  – 12:30 p.m.

Purification Lodge Intensive w/ Sara Caldwell.

We are honored to have Sara bring us the teachings of the purification, or sweat lodge each year at the WHC.  The purification lodge helps balance one’s physical, emotional and, most importantly, spiritual aspects through our connection with Mother Earth. Sara is an ceremonialist, poet, and schoolteacher who is in service to honoring the sacred ecology of all things. She studied and apprenticed with medicine woman Trishuwa for many years and has led ceremony for the Women’s Herbal Conference, The Green Nations Gathering, and at private setting throughout New England

Be sure to register early if you wish to participate. The lodges always fill up quickly; Friday 4:30-8 p.m & Saturday 8 a.m. -12:30. 

Download Printable PDF Schedule

[ Intensives ] [ friday ] [ saturday ] [ sunday ]

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