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Friday, August 25th Schedule

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Oh, Great Spirit, I am the woman
Walking in the fields collecting plants to heal the people.
I give thanks to the spirit of this plant, and I have faith with all my heart
That these plants will heal the sickness of the people.
Great Spirit, Amen

                                                    ~ Belizean Plant Gathering Prayer

8 – 12  REGISTRATION ~ Follow signs to White Shell Woman (dinning hall)



  1. 1. Spiritual Bathing, Massage and Healing Ceremonies of Ecuador with Rocio Alarcon (Ecuador). In this special intensive, Rocio will guide women through the experience of ‘spiritual bathing & massage’ using herbs, water, flower, and oils. These herbal baths are used to cleanse the spirit of negative energy and are also used for specific ailments. The properties of the plants and other ingredients can clean our negativities and make us feel more attractive and alive, ready to face the future with enthusiasm and positivism. Ancient healing ceremonies of the Andes will also be shared. Rocio is a gifted healer and is renowned throughout Ecuador & England for her healing gifts. Class will be hands-on/experiential.  Students need to bring a towel, flowers and herbs, and quart of water.   
  2. Ayurvedic Guide to Healthy Relationships with Anne McIntyre. All life is relationship. Relationship to ourselves and the world around us…family, friends, the wider community, our environment and the planet as a whole. How can we be in harmonious relationship with ourselves and the world around us? Ayurveda has much to teach us about all things related to the heart and mind and relationships are definitely within that realm. The constitutional approach that Ayurveda embraces enables us to be more aware of our mental and emotional tendencies and to understand ourselves and our relationships better, and guides us to find greater balance and harmony.  In this intensive, Anne will share how Ayurveda can help us understand our different natures and temperaments and provides us with a sophisticated range of treatments to bring these into balance and harmony. With knowledge and understanding of the three gunasand the three doshas, how they affect us and those with whom we interact mentally and emotionally, we can choose the right lifestyle, diet and herbal remedies for each person. This can be enormously helpful and take much of the mystery, pain and frustration out of relationships. Begin/Intermed.
  3. Wandering the Transition Zones: A Visit with Cannabis & How it Works with Tammi Sweet. As herbalists we all know when giving a weed walk in a new place, the richest areas are the transitions zones, the edges. In this light, we will examine a much maligned, misunderstood and misrepresented plant we have pushed to the margins, Cannabis. It is time for herbalists to reclaim the proper uses of this medicine in our material medica. Time for us to help educate people about how, when, and why cannabis works (and that it’s not a cure for everything!). We will discuss time tested uses of this plant showing positive results and finally we will discuss “right relationship” with this master plant and brainstorm ways to assist clients in creating ways to honor this sacred and healing plant. We will also discuss the not well-known or publicized internal Endogenous Cannabinoid System. Understanding our own internal system and how it works can help us understand how and why cannabis works.  Intermed.
  4. Earth Prayer with Susi Wahlrab. In a world that for many of us has presented many challenging events, the Women’s Herbal Conference is a haven of support for us to step up as our very best selves to move life forward in a way that is inclusive, sustainable and healing. This experience will call on the indigenous roots of yoga, which was created by awareness of our interconnection with nature. We will use the elements to create clear vision, courage, compassion and wisdom. Breath, Movement, Play, Meditation and Deep Relaxation to inspire, clear, heal and ground our Atman – souls purpose and intention. The Perfect way to start off this wonderful weekend!!!! Some Yoga experience is good, however the class is open for everyone. Please bring a yoga mat and a blanket. 

 10-12 Free Pre-Conferences Classes for those who arrive early

  • Let’s Make Some Magic Together with ALisa Starkweather. Our world is so often in need of what we have and who we are especially when we show up together in aliveness, love, unity and community. So… let’s do this now. First, best practices for how we bring vision into action and living a life with beauty because we choose to release the fear of the fear. Hope springs eternal in our togetherness. Then via video, we design a short collective message with song, movement, spoken word. We invite the grandmothers, children and young women to join us at the end of our class for a powerful act where we stand together for life.
  • Herbal Tincture Making 101 with Sophia Sanders. Making high quality effective tinctures is simple, easy and fun. Sophia will demonstrate the steps necessary to make your own tinctures using fresh and dried herbs and alcohol, vinegar and glycerin. Want to make your tinctures taste good? Sophia will teach you Handouts, recipes and tasting samples included.
  • The Many Faces of Plant Medicine in Counseling Practice: Exploring the edges of mainstream practice with the help of our green friends with Kris Miller.  Plant medicine is an under-tapped resource in the world of “mental health” counseling in the US.  This session will focus on a spectrum of ways to bring the plants and their gifts into your work with others; honoring the professional boundaries which matter to you while finding paths to creativity and freedom at the edges of mainstream practice. Some discussion will include social identity, liberation issues and the emerging field of eco-psychology.  All levels welcome, but will assume some knowledge of spectrum of medicines & basic physiology.
  • Despacho offering to Pachamama with Sandy Corcoran. In the south central Andean Mystical tradition, despachosare created to heal, cleanse, bring to you something you desire (like a new job, home, child, etc.) and/or to give thanks. You will be introduced to Andean techniques that help you re-center and release. We will make a community despacho to honor Pachamama for all She offers us, and release a part of our selves that needs to be transmuted.    
  • Fairy Camp with Amy Wilson. Come join in this playful and magical workshop celebrating the fairies. You are welcome to stop by throughout the weekend, but at the workshop on Friday you will help set up camp by setting up tea party table, a fairy houses, and a cozy nook where one can be inspired to read poetry to the plants and trees. Make fairy dolls from flower petals, wings and fairy dust for you to take back home. Years back when our children were small we attended Fairy Camp –it was enchanting and we still talk fondly of this. This year we are recreating the spirit for the next generation. Everyone of every age welcome!
  • HW AWild Edible & Medicinal Plant Walk with Marian Prezyna. Explore the wild plants that grow at the Women’s Herbal Conference. Learn to identify these plants using basic sensory skills and discover how they are used for food, medicine and pleasure. Includes practical information on harvest and preparation. Marian is an educator, wildcrafter and passionate Earth activist. She lives with her husband at Cats Tail Farm Herbal Center in Marilla, New York.  

1 – 2    OPENING CIRCLE ~ Creating Sacred Space ~ High Priestess (TA)


2:30 – 6  INTENSIVE

1. (Wo)Manifest Your Business: A Brainstorming Session for Entrepreneurs with Holly Bellebuono.  This is off-the-grid business crafting at its best! In this Intensive, you will create a business goal, brainstorm its fullest potential, and be inspired and fully prepared to (wo)manifest it for real.  In this safe and creative session we will nurture your best ideas and help you see them to fruition. Holly guides you through part-written, part-verbal exercises to help you achieve one or more of your business goals, whether you are an herbalist/apothecary owner, artist, farmer, or other entrepreneur working for yourself. Learn to structure the development of your passionate business dreams so they become reality. Come prepared with a business idea (existing or new) and an open mind. Holly is a two-time recipient of the Small Business Owner of the Year Award and has lead empowerment seminars for entrepreneurs and facilitates seminars for conferences, universities and corporations throughout the country.  A successful businesswoman and herbalist, Holly is a gifted teacher and enthusiastically shares what’s she’s learned on her path of success


  • Introduction to Herbal Energetics with Brittany Wood Nickerson. A basic understanding of herbal energetics can help you refine your knowledge of herbs and how to apply them to individual people and situations.  Individualizing herbal choices is at the heart of what makes holistic healing and herbal medicine effective and unique.  In this class we will learn how to identify basic energetic qualities of herbs (hot, cold, dry, damp) through taste and herbal action and how to use them to bring balance to the body.
  • Food As Medicine with Dr. Crystal Dawn. Food is among the most pervasive influences on human health. Dr. Silas will present some of today’s most inspiring thoughts on this vital topic.  Herbalists will understand the myriad of health effects of food and develop skills to serve as the foundation for recommending dietary interventions for themselves, family members and clients.  This workshop will emphasize the importance of a foundational diet of high quality phytonutrients diversity to reverse clinical imbalances and achieve the highest expressions of well being.  Intermed/Adv.)
  • Soothing Herbs & Gut Repair with Maria Noel Groves. Heartburn, leaky gut, ulcers, gastritis, SIBO, dysbiosis, IBD, and IBS are diverse digestive disorders that plague many Americans. We’ll explore underlying themes of these conditions as well as the potential benefits of various herbs, digestive bitters, fermented foods, and probiotics. Learn how to create your own digestive wellness tea based on your individual needs.  Begin/Intermed.
  • Mind & Soul Medicine:  Plants to Dispel Anxiety & Depression with Claudia Joy Keel. The experience of anxiety and depression are now common reasons many seek out herbalism.   While herbalists are not psychotherapists, we do have a host of remedies that are very effective in helping bring a person into greater emotional balance. We will consider ’emotional energetics’, specific indications as well as the approaches of traditional cultures to trauma and mental wellbeing.  We will consider some basic principles and remedies when dealing with more advanced brain dysfunctions, such as bi polar and schizophrenia. In working with nature, we can develop ways to move with the ebb and flow of life with resiliency and an ever fuller heart.
  • Mary Magdalene Unveiled with Lilian R.  Jackman.   In this engaging workshop, Lilian will share ‘Everything I learned about this powerful woman in Ancient Christianity at Yale!’  Drawing from both Biblical sources and the Gnostic Literature, as well as pre-Christian myths and archetypes, we will discover, hiding in plain sight, the “lost” feminine so crucial to our knowledge of self, now more than ever.  Class will be taught from primary sources including text and surprising images. A potent handout with citations and sources will further your studies.
  • The Value of Astrology to the Herbal Teacher & Practitioner with Wendy Fogg. Incorporating astrology into your herbal practice can reveal information about your client’s personality, health issues, emotions, relationships, self worth, propensities and communication skills. As a practitioner, having this information can be priceless in helping you choose the words and methods of communication to which your client can be most receptive. I’ll present up to three cases, display their charts and show how that information helped me to help them.  Basic knowledge of signs, planets and houses is recommended.
  • Kid Friendly Herbs with Dr. Mary Bove. Herbs can be a safe and effective option for parents looking for therapeutic choices for their children. Join in to a discussion on the traditional use of plant medicines along with current research for the safety and efficiency of herbal medicines for childhood health concerns such as insomnia, restlessness, ADHD, generalized anxiety, immune support during cold and flu season, ear infection, and more. Featured herbs include Black Elderberry, Echinacea, Ginger, Lemon Balm, and Chamomile Flowers
  • Sacred Teachings of the Plants: a Journey Home with Amy Goodman Kiefer. This experiential workshop is an adventure into a state of open communication with the green world. The plants are trustworthy guides, having much to share with us, and can lead us home to the deepest parts of ourselves. Come spend time outside and drink from this deep well of connection that is our birth rite. The nourishment is there for us all in the most simple of ways.
  • Generalities of Reading the Face, Nails and Tongue with Margi Flint. Learn to read the simple quick lines and areas of the face to guide you through the jigsaw puzzle of health. We will focus only on the face and simple generalities of color, line and area with lots of time to practice!  Margi is a master at ‘reading the body’ and shares generously what she’s learned over 30 years of practice.
  • Natural Pain Relief: Using Herbs, Aromatherapy, Lifestyle Changes with Kathi Keville. Conquering Pain associated with menstruation, PMS, headaches, arthritis, fibroids, etc. How pain and stress alter us physically and emotionally and treating the resulting symptoms. Dealing with chronic pain and the side effects of pain drugs. How to develop custom protocols incorporating herbs with aromatherapy, acupressure, flower essences and lifestyle.
  • AWild Edible & Medicinal Plant Walk with Dina Falconi. Explore the wild plants that grow at the Women’s Herbal Conference. Learn to identify these plants using basic sensory skills and discover how they are used for food, medicine and pleasure. Includes practical information on harvest and preparation.

“In the midst of the madness of our world, hearts are breaking open, people are blossoming, and the golden soul of humanity is rising up. Never doubt it for an instant. Seek it out and nurture it.”   ~ Rivera Sun

2:30 ~ 4 Circle within a Circle ~ Special Workshop for Young Women

Finding your Plant and Animal Medicine Totems with Lupo Passero

 A medicine totem can be the symbol of a tribe, clan, family or individual. Native traditions believe that each individual is connected to different animals and plant spirits that will accompany each person through life, acting as guides.  Join is in circle to find out who your plant and animal guides may be.  We will discuss how to determine your plant and animal guides and discuss those that you may already have and offer a simple ceremony inviting new guides into our lives.

4 – 4:30 TEA BREAK

“To wake up to the magnificent beauty of the earth, even for a moment, is to know that you are alive in an abundant, magical world” ~ Robin Rose Bennett

4:30 ~ 6 P.M. Red Tent Temple ~ Reviving Sacred Sisterhood

4:30 ~ 6 P.M.  Red Tent Temple ~ Reviving Sacred Sisterhood

 The Red Tent Temple is an emerging worldwide grassroots movement creating woman-honoring cultures birthed by ALisa Starkweather at the WHC 9 years ago. The Temple is a sacred space where we authentically nourish each other and ourselves through heart sharing, bodywork, healing song, herbs, rest, journaling, and council.   On Friday Evening 10 ~ 11 (after the evening program) join us at the Red Tent for Healing Trades. To wind down and integrate after a long day, we will pair up and give and receive bodywork, energy work, heart sharing, and/or herbal counsel.

The Red Tent Temple is open to women of all ages throughout the weekend

4:30 – 8 PURIFICATION LODGE INTENSIVE with Sara Caldwell

The purification lodge helps balance one’s physical, emotional and, most importantly, spiritual aspects through our connection with Mother Earth. Sara apprenticed with Grandmother Trishuwa and they led the lodges together at the WHC for many years.   We are honored to have Sara bring us the teachings of the purification, or sweat lodge this year at the WHC.   Please note; must be signed up and registered ahead of time for the Sweat Lodge IntensiveDinner will be set aside for Sweat Lodge Participants.


Please note: those workshops marked w/** will end at 6:30

  • ** The Sacred Rose, Goddess Remedy for Body and Soul with Mindy Green. Herbal therapeutic, aromatic essence and culinary delight – Rose provides this and more. This class encompasses the scientific literature and mythology of rose, as well as its use as an herbal remedy and essential oil for wellbeing of body, mind and spirit. Depression, PMS, menopause, heart problems, jealousy or grief?  These are among a few indications that make Rose the quintessential remedy for women. Begin/Intermed
  • ** Art of Distillation: Making Hydrosols and Essential Oils with Penny Livingston.  The ancient art of distillation is an alchemical process dating back thousands of years. It involves the process of purification through evaporation and condensation. In this workshop we will focus on the Art of making Hydrosols and Essential Oils through the process of distillation. In this workshop we will distill a hydrosol while we share about the transformative processes and techniques of the distillation.
  • ** Sekhmet (Egypt) and Medicine Buddha Deities as Healing Allies with Nicki Scully. Deities from all pantheons can help us heal ourselves and each other. Sekhmet, lioness-headed goddess and feminine face of the sun is known for her fierce compassion, and will recalibrate all body systems and heal many weaknesses, illness and injuries through a direct transmission. Medicine Buddha uses plants and his cauldron to strengthen medicines and bring healing to you and others. You will learn his short mantra and how to access both deities’ healing wisdom and power to add to your spiritual healing team. Bring a journal and blanket/mat to lie on.
  • ** Cultural Competency Skills For Plant And People Allies: “Diversity Is Nature’s Way” with Claudia Ford. Many herbalists are called to do transformative work within our communities. We strive to understand and represent our relationships with the plant world, but struggle to understand and collaborate with diverse ways of being in human society. Cultural competency is a set of skills and practices that increase our understanding of our self-identity and our compassion for the experiences of The Other. This workshop will provide an opportunity to review, discuss, and reflect on the task of cultural competency.   Through reflection and hands on projects we will discover the ways that cultural competency skills interact with self-awareness, social justice efforts, and our healing practices.
  • ** Garden of the Groove ~ The Ritual of Drumming with Mz. imani. Bring your drum, your rattle, your voice, your excitement and come to this class, if you would like to play with Mz. imani and the HeARTbeats! In the Garden of the Groove we greet each other, share laughter, and create healing through sound, art and music. We’ll play drums, sing, tell some stories, and rekindle our connection with each other and the drum. We will share what we have learned over the years of drumming together at the Women’s Herbal Conference. When we show up willingly, intentionally sharing sacred space, lifting each other up, we open our hearts, to find fierce compassion and tenderness in the moment.   
  • ** Curanderismo with Panquetzani An introduction to Mexican Traditional Medicine (MTM) in its historical context. Learn common uses and applications of herbs for colds, digestive problems, aches and pains, la matriz, and spiritual uses.
  • Herbal First Aid with Michele Palazzo. It is always important to be prepared for circumstances that arise especially with children around. Having first aid supplies readily available helps with situations at home or traveling around the world. Michele will share her first aid kit that has traveled the world with her as well as stories in which she needed to use it. She will also guide you through putting together your own first aid kit. Begin/Intermed.
  • The Doctrine of Signatures with Ellen Evert Hopman. Learn an ancient plant classification system that was developed in a time before most people could read. Did the plant grow in sun or shade? In damp soil or in a dry area? The shape of a leaf, the color of a flower, the taste of an herb were all guides to which body system or organ the plant was appropriate for. Please come prepared to take notes.
  • Making a Goddess Crown with Roberta Horsman. Celebrate your beauty by creating a goddess crown of sweet grass, wild weeds, flowers, feathers and a wheat weaving love knot. Wear your crown as an expression of your beauty, creativity, and presence in the world. No experience necessary. $12 materials fee. Limited to 30 people
  • Global Sustainable Medicinal Plant Trade; Women + Wilderness + Wildlife with Zoe Helene. For the past decade, Zoe Helene has traveled to remote regions of the globe with her husband, ethnobotanist Chris Kilham, to promote medicinal plants, environmental protection and cultural preservation. Zoe will share stories and wisdom earned while bearing witness to the state of women, wilderness and wildlife on the sustainability frontline and how these experiences called her to champion women’s empowerment through sacred plant spirit medicine. This talk will also explore her role supporting big media such as NBC Nightly News, The Dr. Oz Show, The New York Times, Outside Magazine and many others as a powerful messaging platform for promoting positive change.
  • Permission Granted: Working with Tarot’s Empress Archetype with Linda River Valente Oh, really? Who says you can’t? Who says you won’t? Forge your own path, with a “Hell Yes” from your soul’s sweet mandate. Open the gateways of your senses and dare to grant yourself permission to receive without guilt, fear, or judgment. The Empress- her stories, symbols, and energy– leads our circle of women into a place of play. No tarot experience needed!.
  • Learning Your Plant Families; A Medicinal Plant Walk with Betzy BancroftLearn wild plant identification by learning the basics of how to recognize plant families.  On this walk, we’ll focus in on a few plant families, discussing their botanical features as well as medicinal and edible uses. (Meet at the Gazebo)

4:30 ~ 6  Circle Within A Circle ~ special program for young women

The Nature of Flowers with Kate Gilday.

 Flowers enhance our lives in so many ways.  They speak to our hearts, and often from our hearts as we bring flowers into a celebration, bring beauty to our gardens and homes, enliven our meals or offer flower petal healing as flower essences or spiritual bathing.  Come learn which flowers are edible, those flower preparations that hold gentle yet powerful medicine for physical well-being, and how to prepare and use a flower essence.

6 – 7:30 DINNER 

What amazing dinner hosts plants are as they gather the best of folks together and always, a good time is had. Rarely does anyone leave wanting, for these medicines and foods nourish us in places we never knew were hungry ~ Kathleen Maier

7:30 ~ until its over

Special Moon Ceremony
Sandra Corcoran & Melanie Carpenter

This ancient evening ceremony is dedicated to the Goddess. It is celebrated outside, and brings together a circle of women to honor their divine feminine, helping them to stand in their truth. We will make a sacred fire together, make offering for the world at large, and leave behind the wounded parts of ourselves that no longer serve. Please dress comfortably and bring a palm-sized rock that you have imbued with your prayers, and will be left at the circle to stand for you and your prayers. Please note: this ceremony is limited to 18 women; sign up is at registration table. Sorry, no walk-ins. Ceremony will happen at fire circle at the lake; allow time for the 10-minute walk to the beach so you’re there on time for instructions, this is imperative.  Don’t forget your flashlight!

7:30 – 9:30  Join Us for an Enchanted Summer Evening

 An Evening of Wonder~filled Magic & Soul Satisfying ‘Inner~tainment’

Celebrating 30 Years at the Women’s Herbal Conference including story telling, skits, music & musical performances, Fire Dancing & A Fabulous Aerial Performance with the Amazing Amy Glasser

Feeling the need to wind down and integrate after a long day?

Join us after the evening program (10 ~ 11) at The Red Tent for Healing Trades.  We will pair up to give and receive bodywork, energy work, heart sharing, and herbal counsel.


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