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The 2017 NE WHC Schedule

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  • There will most likely be a few changes to this schedule ~ We’ll post a finalized updated schedule on the WHC website on August 1 ( At the WHC participants will receive an abbreviated schedule w/class titles, teachers and classrooms listed, but not class descriptions.  If you’d like a copy of the schedule with class descriptions download the updated version after August 1.
  • The New England WHC seeks to be a safe haven for women of all ages, sizes, color, religions, political beliefs, and sexual differences. Please come with an open heart, willing not only to be tolerant of our differences, but willing to embrace the beauty of diversity.

The WHC offers an amazing selection of classes, hands on demonstrations, and herb walks for all level of interest and experience.   Included are a wide diversity of herbal subjects at each workshop session from classes for beginners to those already knowledgeable about herbs and herbal healing, from hands on craft type classes to thought provoking discussions on health and healing, and the history and future of herbal medicine.  There are between 10 ~ 12 class topics to select from at each workshop session plus Intensive(s).  The hardest decision you’ll likely make the entire weekend is trying to decide which of the wonderful and fascinating workshop(s) to attend.  In between the classes and in the evenings there are a host of wonderful activities and events planned to fill your heart and soul. Remember, also, to enjoy some ‘up time’; a quite walk in the woods, or a walk to the beach can do wonders for your soul.

  • Workshops are designated for beginner (Begin) and Intermediate/Advanced (Inter/Adv.) when applicable. If not specified, it’s generally considered appropriate for All Levels. These are general classifications and are meant to serve as guidelines only.  You are welcome to attend any workshop that appeals to you regardless of your level of knowledge or expertise.
  • United Plant Savers will be setting up a spray paint station for T-Shirts with amazing at-risk plant stencils made by Suzanna Stone of Owlcraft Healing Ways. She will have T-shirts for you to buy ($10) or even better, bring your own clothing items.   The cost is $10 to spray paint a beautiful at risk plant with all proceeds going to United Plant Savers.  Don’t forget to come by the United Plant Savers table and become a member! 
  • Treat yourself to a wonderful MASSAGE with professional massage therapists. A variety of different types of massage and body work available. $65 per one-hour massage. Sign up at the WHC Information Booth. (Sign up early as these slots fill quickly).  Please note; if you miss your appointment you are still responsible for payment.
  • The Little Village of Goodness; Be sure to visit The Village and meet the ‘Village Healers’. They are offering a variety of treatments and readings that range from limpias, to steam baths, to astrology and tarot readings. Sign up sheets are on wall in Dinning Hall (near registration).  Payments differ and are payable directly to each practitioner.
  • Circle within a Circle, our special program for young women between 13-18, is included in the regular schedule (see below). Young women can choose to go to the Circle classes or regular classes.  Circle classes are only for young women 13-18 (Older & younger women/girls are not invited).
  • The Kids Kamp Schedule for youngster between the ages of 2-12 is available at the WHC. If you’d like to offer an activity or class for the children at Kids Kamp, please contact Helen & Kenzie at:   Classes and activities for kids are around 30-45 minutes.   Please note: ALL children over two and teens have to be pre-registered.  Thank you.
  • Class notes and handouts will be posted on the website one week before the event so you can download them onto your computer and print them, if you wish.
  • Backcountry Recordings will be recording most of the lectures; audio recordings will be available for sale during the conference or can be ordered from Backcountry Recording; (904) 460-2379;
[ Intensives ] [ friday ] [ saturday ] [ sunday ]

Download Printable PDF Schedule

Classroom Areas & Key to Abbreviations

Class Rooms & Class Tents ~

IX CHEL = Staff Lounge
Eagle Woman = Social Hall
Bast = Arts & Craft Room
EVE = MH Kitchen
Rhiannon = Bunkhouse #1
Artemis = Dance Studio
High Priestess = Tent A
Isis = Tent B
Ishtar = Tent C
Spider Woman = Tent D
Kuan Yin = Tent E
Pele = Fire Circle/Old Pine
Flora/HW = Herb walks meet by Basketball court near Main House


Other Buildings & Space ~

Morgan La Fay/WHC Info Booth =  Little Shed by pool
Venus/Emporium = Gym
Red Temple/Changing Woman = Red Temple Tent
Arianhod/Purification Lodge area = Behind BH #9
White Shell Woman/DH = Dining Hall
Demeter/Kids Kamp = Bunkhouse #18 & Dance Pavilion
Athena/Circle w/in Circle = Bunkhouse #22
Kaltes/First Aide Station = Main  House/Health Center
MH =  Main House/Health Center/Kitchen
Path to Beach = Far right of Main House (tunnel under the road). Be sure to find it and hike down at least once during your stay! It’s beautiful, magical and so much fun at the beach.

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