Special Activities

Dazzling Performances by Inspiring Women

Each year at the WHC, we invite top quality woman musicians & entertainers (both well known and ‘still to be discovered’) to perform during our evening programs. Over the years, we’ve had a variety of stellar ‘inner-tainment’ including Rising Appalachia, Katrin, amazing aerial performer Amy Glasser, Zuleikha, Kalianna, Amy Lohman, dancer and poetess Jacqui Lalita, performers Nicole Adele Rosaria-Manieri and The Red Tent Sisterhood, among many others. We are still working on this year’s surprise…Stay tuned! (We are always open to suggestions; if you know of women performers that perform locally in New England that might make a good addition to our program, please let us know; sage@sagemountain.com).


We welcome the following artists to the 2017 Women’s Herbal Conference and thank them for so fully sharing their gifts with each one of us:


Amy Glasser ~ An aerial-artist and herbalist, Amy Glasser, wowed us all a couple of years ago and is coming back to entrance and enchant us with her aerial antics.   Accompanied by her musician friend Leah, they create a spell bound and enchanted evening, one where women can fly and we are all air born.   Passionate about helping others find empowerment through their body, Amy will also be teaching classes on aerial art during the weekend.


Body Into Balance Book

Angel Putney, RN, BSN Angel has been a nurse and a clinical herbalist for over 15 years. She is also a fire dancer and has been dancing with the fire for 18 years. Her love of the earth brought her to the plants and the fire. Fire has been a powerful teacher of respect, ritual and the beauty of connecting to nature for her.

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