Emporium & Barter Faire

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Emporium for all your shopping needs

The Women’s Herbal Conference Emporium & Barter Faire

Let’s face it, most women love to shop and what better place to shop then at a women’s herbal conference where almost everything is women-crafted, useful, and exceptionally beautiful. The Emporium is filled with high quality herbal products, jewelry, clothing, books, and other lovely treasures. Be sure to visit the Herbal Emporium when you’re at the WHC. (If interested in vending at the WHC, please contact Katie Pickens at irishherbs@aol.com)

Past Vendors

* Zack Woods Herb Farm * Avena Botanicals *
* Storey Publishing * Tulsi Tea Room * And more…


Barter Faire

* Handcrafted Herbal Products * Handmade Clothing *
* Handmade Jewelry * Treasured Books * And more…

We also host a delightful and lively Barter Faire each year at the WHC. Opened only during Free Thyme on Saturday afternoon, participants are invited to bring their wares to barter, trade and/or sell. Items should be homemade, locally crafted, or your ‘old jewels and treasures’ to barter. (Only open during Free Thyme on Sat. afternoon during specified times. Held in grassy area near Emporium)

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